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Hospice Denial

Hospice Denial


When Lindsay asked me to write on “Total Pain, “what was the first thing I did??

I denied getting the email for nearly a week! Then I realized I was acting like a normal human being! The pain of writing a blog immediately lessened when I faced the reality of writing and picked a subject that might help others find a way to deal with a difficult advanced chronic medical diagnosis.

So what just happened? I accepted the assignment and took control of the blog topic, which empowered me to be myself and yet help others (hopefully!). None of us want to put ourselves nor loved ones in the focus of an end of life condition, however, the majority of us will face this reality.

How we approach this reality of an end of life condition may prevent constructively dealing with the associated grief. Here is where none of us want ourselves or family to linger. Or another way to state this painful condition, if grief is well handled, the remaining life can have meaning and value.

The problem is that grief of this magnitude is usually difficult to overcome by most individuals alone. This is where the team of Friends of Caroline can help. You don’t have to be alone with the personal emotional destruction of denial and grief.

Friends of Caroline can help you find meaning, value, and peace at this critical

time of life with empowering information, pain control, social and spiritual support. How??

I keep referring to the “team” at Friends of Caroline, which consist of a medical director, 24/7 nursing availability, spiritual and bereavement assistance, social work and

wonderful certified nursing assistants, plus supportive volunteers. This group of caring professionals is trained to appreciate and assist you thru the reality of

end of life needs. I will leave the details of how each team member works together for your improved quality of life for their portion of this continuing blog.

But in closing, call earlier for a consultation and not later please! for grief’s sake.


You do not have to be alone.


-Gordon E. Krueger MD

Medical Director of Friends of Caroline

P.S. Denial and Grief will take the Life out of Your Life. Face Reality.