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FRIENDS of Caroline Hospice is dedicated to providing hospice services that offer hope, encouragement and care to those who live with a life threatening illness, as well as support for their families, friends and for the community.

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Did you know FRIENDS of Caroline Hospice was the first non-profit hospice organization founded in Beaufort County? Learn more about our history, find out our mission, meet the team and get to know us better.


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FRIENDS of Caroline Hospice is located in beautiful downtown Port Royal in Beaufort County, providing support whenever you need us, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Phone: 843-525-6257

Address: 1110 13th Street, Port Royal, SC 29935  

Office hours: Monday through Friday 8:30am to 4:30pm


Friends of Caroline Hospice Blog

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What’s in a name?


Caroline Quann

Ever wonder how Friends of Caroline Hospice got it’s name? 

We’re often called “Carolina Hospice”, “Friends of Carolina Hospice”, “Caroline Hospice” – but our official name is Friends of Caroline Hospice of Beaufort.

How did we get the name Friends of Caroline Hospice?
In 1977, a young, local woman named Caroline Sue Quann died of cancer at age 31. In order to honor her wishes to be at home for her final days, as well as die with grace and dignity, her friends resolved to provide her with companionship and medical care.


Veronica Tovey, RN, Friends of Caroline Hospice’s founder

Now in our 35th year of serving Beaufort County, Friends of Caroline was established in November 1980 by Veronica Tovey, RN and friends and family of Caroline Quann, a home health patient of Veronica’s.

Originally incorporated as Caroline Hospice, and staffed by a dedicated team of volunteers, Friends got its current name of Friends of Caroline Hospice in 1990.

Housed on Craven Street and then King Street, Friends of Caroline purchased a house in its current location, 1110 13th Street in Port Royal, with grant funding from the Wardel Family Foundation in 1999.

Staff and volunteers at Friends of Caroline Hospice carry on the tradition started by Veronica 35 years ago – to care for and honor patients’ wishes to be at home for their final days, as well as to die with grace and dignity, surrounded by friends and family resolved to provide companionship and medical care.


Hospice gives

In celebration of National Hospice & Palliative Care, five ways hospice gives:


Hospice helps everyone



November is National Hospice & Palliative Care Month, the perfect time for the community to learn more about hospice care. Here, from the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), are 5 common myths surrounding hospice care:

MYTH: Hospice care means leaving home.
FACT: Hospice services can be provided in a patient’s own home, a nursing home, long-term care facility or a hospice care center.

Hospice is not a place. In fact, hospice services can be provided to a terminally ill patient and his or her family wherever they are most comfortable, or wherever they consider “home.”

MYTH: Hospice means forgoing all medical treatment.
FACT: Hospice nurses and physicians are experts in the latest medications and devices for pain and symptom relief.

In every case, a hospice provider will assess the needs of the patient, deciding which medications and equipment are needed for maximum comfort. For example, clinical staff can provide sleep medication to help a patient through the night.

MYTH: Hospice means strangers care for you.
FACT: Hospice provides a dedicated team of specialists to suit the needs of each patient and educate family members to serve as caregivers.

Hospice organizations strive to educate family members to serve as the primary caregivers for an end-of- life patient. In addition, the clinical staff is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

MYTH: Hospice care ends when someone dies.
FACT: Hospice organizations offer bereavement services for all ages.

Hospice counseling services that deal specifically with grief and coping after the loss of a loved one are available at no cost for 13 months after someone dies. Friends of Caroline also offers student bereavement support to all students in Beaufort County Schools, free of charge.

MYTH: People on hospice are in bed, waiting to die.
FACT: Hospice enables special moments and memories at the end of a life that would otherwise not happen.

Hospice is usually called in late in the end-of-life journey. The sooner hospice services are brought in, the longer a patient, and their family, has to live happily and with dignity, restoring a quality of life that would have otherwise lost to invasive treatments and surgeries.

To learn more about what hospice can do for you or your family, visit www.MomentsOfLife.org.