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Friends of Caroline provides quality-of-life care that offers hope and encouragement to those nearing the end-of-life’s journey and support for their family, friends and the community.

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A Word on Holiday Grief

After a two-month hiatus and a successful 29th Annual Festival of Trees, we’re back with a personal experience on holiday grief.

It’s holiday season, and for those who have lost a loved one, the holidays are tough. There are long-held traditions now left seeming less than; empty spaces a loved one used to fill; sometimes laughter; sometimes tears; and the crushing weight of grief.

Christmas is my favorite holiday. It was my mom’s favorite holiday. She died three years, 4 months, and 28 days ago.

During my first Christmas without her – the year she died- I tried to keep everything the same, as if she was still here. Looking back, I think I was lost, covered in grief, a little insane, and overbearing. To me, we had to do things the same; to do otherwise was erasing her memory. So we did things the same. Same traditions; same decorations; same timeline; and we did not dare sit where she always sat Christmas morning. We put the container holding her ashes there. By keeping the things the same, I was trying to hold onto her, and help my family hold onto her, for just a bit longer.

This Christmas will be my fourth Christmas without her.  I still miss her the most during this holiday, but I’ve loosened the reigns a little bit. Now I find myself torn between wanting to start new traditions, and the guilt of letting go of the old ones. “But we always do this!” is a frequent thought. I take this as a sign that now is the time to slowly start shedding the Christmases that were to be present in the Christmases that are.

This doesn’t mean I don’t miss her, or that I’ve erased her memory the way I was afraid I was going to. I think it means I carry her with me, and she’s trying to gently nudge me forward.

For others out there who’ve lost a loved one and feel heavy with sadness, lost, or slightly insane during the holidays – it’s ok. It’s ok to wear grief as your ugly sweater. It’s ok to leave that seat empty. It’s ok to keep old traditions, and it’s ok to make new ones. It’s ok to talk about the person you lost, or to the person you lost. It’s ok to cry or laugh, or both. It’s ok to ask for help. It’s ok to not enjoy the holiday. It’s ok to enjoy the holiday. Not that you need my permission in any of that. The point is you’re not alone, and what you feel is not wrong.

The folks over at What’s Your Grief cover several aspects of holiday grief, and Marie Hartwell-Walker, Ed.D. has some handy tips on handling holiday grief.

A Facebook friend of mine posted the photo below last week (coincidence? The Universe with good timing?) and now I share with you:



-CC, Volunteer Coordinator

Festival of Trees thanks sponsors

Thank you to our participating sponsors, our co-chairs John & Danielle Troutman and Dr. and Mrs. Gene Grace, our Festival committee, volunteers, guests, and staff for a wonderful Festival of Trees! We’ll see y’all next year!


Links We Like – Breast Cancer Awareness

Links We Like is a weekly round-up of thoughtful stories, useful articles, and helpful resources from the web. Links are in blue.

Each September, hundreds of breast cancer survivors and supporters converge on Hilton Head and the surrounding area for the 3-day walk known as the LoCo Motion. The 3 day walk covers 30 miles as the primary fundraiser for Carolina Cups, a local nonprofit dedicated to “funding for free mammograms, medical assistance, and outreach services to the people that need it most.” For more information on the event, visit http://dothelocomotion.org/about/

Breastcancer.org is a great resource on understanding a breast cancer diagnosis, the types of breast cancer, symptoms, treatments, and more. pink-ribbon